Fixojay High Speed Corru Gum Powder

(Corrugation Adhesive)

Fixojay High Speed Corru Gum Powder

Product Details

Fixojay High Speed Corru Gum / Adhesive Powder is a ready-to-use starch based adhesive which is used for high speed auto plants (which run at speeds upto 300m/min). It is a cold water soluble adhesive available in powder form. It has a gelatinization temperature of 59o  - 64Celsius.

General Characteristics

  • Combination of Tapioca and Maize Starch
  • Powder to Water Ratio (1:3)
  • Appearance: Off White
  • Ph of Solution : 9 (approx.)
  • Solid Contents : 25%

Proposed Benefits

The developed adhesive is a special "Ready to use" adhesive powder which resists atmospheric moisture even during monsoons and winters with the following salient advantages over the conventional Stienhall & No Carrier Adhesive Systems and Regular Alkali Based Adhesives.

  1. Ready to use / Pre - mix Adhesive which merely requires stirring with water in a high speed stirrer for 30mins.

  2. Increase in the Bursting Strength (B.S) and Compression Strength (C.S) of the output (board) by 12 - 15%. Marginal increment in Weight, Caliper and Ring Crush Test (R.C.T) of the output.

  3. Allows the use of approx. 16% lower gsm paper without any significant changes in the performance of board.

  4. Eliminates the need to stock Borax, Caustic Soda, or any other chemicals.

  5. Consumption is approx. 30% less as against regular alkali based adhesive.

  6. Viscosity remains constant throughout the production process ensuring consistent application of glue.

  7. Non - Toxic and skin friendly.

Note:  The values mentioned above are average value base readings of output we get from our existing customers.

(Food Grade Starch can be used on demand)

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