Fixojay Moisture Resistant Adhesive for Corrugated Carton Manufacturing

We offer a range of moisture resistant starch adhesive powder for both automatic and manual corrugators; for auto laminators and manual pasting machine; and for box flap pasting.

Fixojay Moisture Resistant Adhesive for Paper Tubes

We offer both hot process as well as cold process adhesive powder for paper tubes / cores.




Fixojay Moisture Resistant Paper Stiffener

Fixojay Paper Stiffener is developed as a replacement to maize starch which is sprayed on kraft paper. The use of this product has shown positive improvement in the Bursting Factor (B.F), Stiffness & R.C.T of the paper.


MaltoDextrin, derived from maize and tapioca starch, is an ideal source of carbohydrate which can be used in specialized nutrition such as infant nutrition, sports nutrition, weight loss nutrition, etc. It is also it is used as bulking and stabilizing agent in dairy and other foods. We offer Maltodextrin with D.E 3 - 20.

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Do you know Adhesive can have significant impact on the Quality Parameters?

Corrugation Experts mostly, if not always, play with the paper combination to meet and improve quality parameters which is a relatively expensive affair. Adhesive has been the most neglected raw material in the manufacturing of corrugated cartons. Adhesive constitutes merely 2-3% of total raw materials used in the manufacturing process, but has the ability to affect the overall performance of the board. It is the heart of corrugated carton...

Starch based Adhesive v/s Synthetic Adhesive

The adhesive used in the manufacturing process can have impact on two major parameters – QUALITY and COST. To...

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