Fixojay Paper Stiffener (Moisture Resistant)

paper stiffener

Product Details

Nowadays, maize starch is diluted and sprayed on the paper to increase its stiffness and Bursting Factor (B.F). The spraying of Maize starch on the Kraft paper results in a temporary increase of Bursting Factor (B.F.) and stiffness which decreases gradually with the absorption of atmospheric moisture.

As a replacement to Maize starch, we have developed a special product, Moisture Resistant Paper Stiffener for paper mills. This product is sprayed on Kraft paper during its manufacturing. It will resist the absorption of atmospheric moisture and keep stiffness and B.F. intact. This product is specifically developed for increasing the Bursting Factor (B.F), Stiffness & R.C.T of the paper.

General Characteristics

  • Combination of Tapioca and Maize Starch
  • Appearance: Golden Yellow Powder
  • Ph of Solution: 7 (approx.)

Proposed Benefits

  • Increment in B.F. of the paper (more in comparison to maize starch)
  • Increase in stiffness of the paper
  • Increase in R.C.T. of paper
  • Decrease in COB value of paper