Oxidised Starch

oxidized starch

Product Details

Oxidized starch, as the name suggests, is modified starch produced by means of oxygenation of starch with a variety of oxidizing agents. Oxidized starches have shorter chain lengths than native starches. It improves whiteness and reduces microbiological content. In addition, the hydrogen bonding reduces the tendency to retro-gradation. Producing soft- bodied gels of high clarity, oxidized starches are the best thickener for applications requiring gels of low rigidity.

Industry Application

  • Paper Manufacturing Industry

In paper production it is used for getting into mass and for surface sizing, increases strength and improves quality of paper and cardboard on the basis of primary and secondary semi-finished products.

  • Textile Industry

In textile industry for yarn smoothing.

  • Construction Industry

In construction industry for production of isolation cardboard and acoustic tiles.

  • Wafer Making

In wafer cups production for crispness and as a thickener.