Fixojay P.T.H (Hot Process)


Product Details

At Sanjay Adhesives, we have developed special adhesive by treating starch which is ideal for spirally wound paper industries. This adhesive is available for both hot and cold process. This adhesive has yields very high Compression Strength.

The adhesive is commonly used in:

  • Paper tube industries
  • Paper cores - heavy duty cores
  • Fiber drums and composite containers

General Characteristics

  • Appearance: Yellow Color Powder
  • Viscosity: 17 - 19 Seconds (B6 Ford Cup At 1:1)
  • Solid Content:50%
  • Ph: 8 (Approx.)

Proposed Benefits

  • Dries very quickly
  • Non - Hygroscopic
  • Uniform Viscosity
  • Less Consumption
  • Superior Quality Output
  • Increase in Bursting Strength (B.S) and Compression Strength (C.S)
  • Environmental Friendly
  • No itching or skin burns.

(Food Grade Starch can be used on Demand.)

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