Adhesive for Manufacturing of Corrugated Cartons

(Moisture Resistant Range)

Fixojay High Speed Corru Gum Powder (Corrugation Adhesive)

Fixojay Lamistick (Pasting Adhesive)

Fixojay Side Flap Pasting Adhesive

Fixovin Double Baker Starch adhesive

Fixojay Double Baker Adhesive

Adhesive for Manufacturing of Spirally Wound Paper (Paper Tubes / Paper Cores)

(Moisture Resistant Range)

Fixojay PTH (Hot Process Adhesive)

Fixojay PTC (Cold Process Adhesive)


White Dextrin

Yellow Dextrin

Brown Dextrin

Special Chemicals for Kraft Paper Manufacturing

Oxidised Starch

Fixojay Moisture Resistant Paper Stiffener

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